INSTRUCTIONS: Microgreen Tin Farm

Here be the instructions for your microgreen tin farm.  Microgreens are small but mighty leaves that pack a real punch when it comes to flavour and nutrition. Growing your own veg couldn’t be easier! The beauty of microgreens is you can grow all year round. All you need is a windowsill. We hope you find these instructions super easy to follow, but if you have any questions give us a shout on Instagram 🙂


In your kit you'll find a disc of coir. This is what your microgreens will grow on and is made from the fluffy husks of coconuts. First, we’re going to need to hydrate the coir to turn it into soil!


Pour 50ml to 100ml of water over the coir and watch it expand. Give it a poke and a stir with a stick, fork, finger to work the water in. Add more water if there are still dry bits. TOP TIP: using warm water will speed things up a bit. Dont worry if you put a bit much in, just gently pop the lid on top and pour any excess water off.


Roughly flatten the top of the coir then sprinkle your seeds on top. gently press them into to coir to make sure they're nice and snugR


Put the lid on the tin and place it somewhere warm and the seeds will start to germinate. Check on your seeds each day. If they are looking a little dry you can add a smidge more water.


Once the seeds are ready for some light they’ll start to push the lid off! When this happens it’s time to show them the light.


Pop your microgreens on a window sill and watch them grow! They’ll be ready in about one week but will keep going as long as you keep them watered. We’ve had some on our windowsill for over a month!