Microgreen Tin Farm - Set of 4 with refills


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Pirate greens pack a serious punch in the flavour and nutrition department. Become a Pirate Farmer with our Microgreen Tin Farms. Grow your own microgreens any time, anywhere. Power to the people.


Our tin farms contain all you need to get growing. Just add water, sunshine and a little bit of love. We’re kicking off our first tin set with a few Pirate Farms favourites: Red Cabbage, Rocket, Purple Radish, Broccoli¬†


This kit contains:

  • 4 x tin farms with everything you need to get growing
    • Seeds
    • peat-free coir disk
    • Reusable & recyclable tin
    • instructions
  • Refill pack of seeds and peat-free coir


Red Cabbage

TASTE: Does what is says on the tin – cabbage. GOOD WITH: Delicious with tomato and a super-sub for its big brother in a kebab salad (we all know that one). HEALTHY STUFF: Vitamine C overload plus loads of antioxidents.


TASTE: fire with a hint of sweetness. GOOD WITH: Our favourite, the cheese sandwich. Equally at home on top of a salad or a pizza! HEALTHY STUFF: Low in calories and high in minerals like iron and copper. Vitamin A and C also in the mixer.

Purple Radish

TASTE: Cor blimey guvnor! This one packs a firey radish punch. GOOD WITH: anything that needs a bit of va va voom. Flavours to pair with include tomatoes, garlic, lemon and cucumber. That sounds like a nice salad! HEALTHY STUFF: What are you after? We’ve got magnesium, potassium, calcium, Vitamin C and dietary fibre. Winning!


TASTE: Mild crispy broccoli GOOD WITH: Salads, sandwiches, smoothies and everything in between.¬† HEALTHY STUFF: The king of microgreens when it comes to the good stuff. A good source of protein and fiber as well as a whole alphabet of vitamines. Not to mention the minerals… google it!



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Dimensions17.5 × 13.5 × 10 cm


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